1. Antwerpen

  2. Antwerpen

  3. Willem again

  4. Willem

  5. Dog, car, dog in car, loser and sheep; Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

  6. wikipedia:

    "Self Control" is the name of an international hit song recorded in 1984 by Laura Branigan, as well as the album on which it appears. The song was recorded earlier that same year with the same English lyrics by Italian singer Raf, who co-wrote the song with Giancarlo Bigazzi and Steve Piccolo. Branigan’s version first hit #1 in Germany on June 15, 1984. Raf’s version first hit #1 in Italy on June 23, 1984. Branigan’s version was the most popular song across Europe during much of the summer of 1984 and was the most successful single of the year in Switzerland. Branigan’s version peaked at #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and also went to #2 on the dance chart.

    (Source: 990000)

  8. Crooswijk, Rotterdam.

  9. peopleholdingcats:

    Marina holding tiger

  10. Statues mourning the death of Pierre Bayle (in 1706). Crooswijk, Rotterdam


  13. "Ralph Waldo Emerson on Montaigne: “[the] marrow of the man reaches to his sentences… Cut these words, and they would bleed.”"
  14. Mujis didn’t last too long

  15. Correct, Rotterdam.